Witan Investment Trust invests in Latitude Investment Management’sGlobal Long Only Equity Strategy

24 April 2018, London - Latitude Investment Management (‘Latitude’), the investment boutique founded by Freddie Lait in 2016, is pleased to announce that Witan Investment Trust (‘Witan’) is investing in Latitude’s Global Long Only Equity strategy.

Witan’s investment follows the publication of its Annual report in which it said that up to 2.5% of its assets may be allocated in smaller mandates to third party managers which are more newly- established.

Witan is one of the UK's largest investment trusts, managing £2.1bn on behalf of over 25,000 investors via a multi-manager structure.

Freddie Lait, CIO and Founder of Latitude, said: “‘I am delighted that we have won this institutionalmandate. It builds on our marketing efforts to date, and our desire to have a diversified client base across both wealth managers and institutions. The Global Long Only Equity strategy is a great opportunity to broaden our offering to clients and we have received very positive feedback on our fundamental investment process.”

Latitude was founded by Freddie Lait to pioneer an innovative strategy tailored to meet the risk profile and return objectives of institutional investors and private wealth managers. The investment strategy follows an absolute return framework with the belief that diversified portfolio construction, combined with strong risk control, generates the highest available risk adjusted returns.